Welcome to the Business Law Group

The Business Law Group is a Colorado law firm located in Colorado Springs, dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal services for a fair price. We focus our practice to the areas of most concern to business owners, avoiding distractions and areas of law that will not benefit our clients. We are experienced, energetic, and ready to put our legal services to work for you.

Contact the Business Law Group today, to schedule a free consultation, and allow us to provide you with the best business law experience in town.

We Take Individual Clients as Well!

Although the majority of our long-term clients are businesses and business owners, the Business Law Group continues to provide high quality legal services to individual clients, estates, trusts, and nonprofit organizations. If your legal needs are within the areas of our practice, our Colorado law firm will serve as your trusted legal counsel.


Practice Areas

The majority of our clients utilize our legal services from the practice areas described below. For a full listing of our areas of practice, please see the listings in the drop-down menu above.

Business & Corporate Law

The Business Law Group can take care of all of your businesses’ legal needs, including:

  • Incorporation and start-up
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Handling employment issues and documenting independent contractors
  • Resolving business litigation
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Calling and running board meetings, shareholder meetings, or LLC manager meetings

Tax Law

The Business Law Group can handle and resolve all of your personal and business tax needs, including:

  • Offers in compromise
  • Liens, garnishments, and collections
  • Seeking innocent spouse relief
  • Resolving unpaid employment taxes
  • Tax planning

Business Litigation

The Business Law group represents businesses and individual clients in court matters, mediation, and arbitration, including:

  • Drafting or responding to demand letters
  • Filing and defending civil and commercial lawsuits
  • Negotiating and preparing settlement agreements
  • Protecting intellectual property against infringement or misappropriation
  • Enforcing and defending non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
  • Disputing and defending business contracts and corporate governance procedures

Employment Law

The Business Law Group can assist your business with:

  • Employment policy handbooks, and applicable acknowledgments and forms
  • Hiring and employment contracts
  • Employee discipline and termination
  • Avoiding and disputing unemployment claims
  • Drafting and enforcing non-disclosure agreements, non-competiton agreements, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Defending claims of wrongful discharge and other employment claims

The Business Law Group only represents employers in employment matters; we do not represent individual employees in these types of matters.

Intellectual Property Law

The Business Law Group can protect and preserve your intellectual property, including:

  • Protecting trade secrets with non-disclosure agreements
  • Preparing and filing trademark and copyright applications
  • Protecting and defending logos, tag-lines, and other marketing products from infringement
  • Drafting, enforcing, and defending non-competition agreements
  • Documenting work-product developed as work-for-hire

Real Estate Law

The Business Law Group represents real estate brokers, buyers, borrowers, and banks, and can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Resolving real estate disputes
  • Preparing, analyzing, and enforcing owner’s associations, covenants, and restrictions