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For about the same cost as a set of generic forms, you can meet with one of our Business Law attorneys, to ensure you are getting a business structure that best protects your interests.

Helping Businesses and Their Owners

Business Law is ALL we do!

Business Law

From starting a business and hiring employees, to expanding or closing a business, make the best decisions along the entire journey.

Business Litigation

When business disputes are not able to be resolved out of court, it is time to bring in your litigation attorney to get things done.

Employment Law

From recruiting, hiring and termination to implementing workplace policies and procedures, take charge of all the aspects of your employment needs.

Tax Law

The IRS and State Department of Revenue hold tremendous power outside of the court. Don't struggle to meet your obligations alone.

Intellectual Property

In today's digital world, protecting your intellectual property that you have worked so hard to create is more important than ever.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying, selling or renting, all real estate transactions can be extremely complicated without an expert to assist you.

There For the Entire Journey

There From Day One


Let the attorneys of the Business Law Group be your trusted legal counselors. We provide experienced and affordable advice for all your business’ legal needs. The Business Law Group can assist you through all stages of your business’ life, from startup, securing financing, adding employees, managing growth and expansion.

With You Along the Way

As your business grows, Business Law Group can handle drafting contracts and do a contract review for any contract you have in place. If you need legal representation for your board meeting, shareholder meeting or LLC manager meeting, we can keep things running smoothly. Learn more about our Business and Corporate Law Services.

Dealing with the IRS, whether about your business as a whole or employees that work for you, can be intimidating. Get peace of mind by having Business Law Group handle your IRS needs.  From everyday tax planning to the detailed issues associated with payroll taxes, we’ve got your six. Find out more about our Tax Law Services.

If a situation arises where your business finds itself being litigated or having to litigate for the sake of the business, our talented team is there for you on both sides.  We’ll fight for you.  We’ll defend you. We’ll always do it with your best interest in mind. Click here for more information on our Business Litigation Service.

Keep your employees protected and be protected when issues arise. From non-compete contracts to non-disclosure agreements, you’re covered. Find out more about our Employee Law Services.

Trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property. Business Law Group can not only file the proper documents with the appropriate government offices but fight for you went someone infringes on your hard work. Find out more information on our Intellectual Property Law Services.

As your business grows you may need to expand property, especially if you outgrow your current building. But we don’t just help you buy or sell.  In fact, we can help you whether you are looking to buy, sell, borrow, or you’re a bank. We can even help settle real estate disputes that come along with your real estate needs. Find out what we do for your Real Estate Law needs.

Supporting You Until It's Time to Sell

Ready to retire?  Whether preparing for a sale or transferring to a family member to take over the family business or, if necessary, we can help you prep for dissolution.