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When negotiations fail, we step in to fight for you

Get An Advocate On Your Side

Whether you are motivated to aggressively pursue your claims through litigation, or just want the best possible outcome at the most reasonable expense, the Business Law Group can help you meet your litigation goals. Business disputes often require prompt attention. Waiting to hire an attorney can damage your position, or put you at a disadvantage.

Aggressive Counsel

When it comes to business disputes, negotiations, and trial work, the attorneys of the Business Law Group are known for their ability to aggressively assert what is best for their clients. We are experienced and tireless champions of our clients’ causes.

However, we also bring a practical approach to your matter, understanding that the toughest legal approach may not always be the best business solution. Ultimately, we understand that our business clients need to minimize and control legal exposure and protect business assets and interests, without jeopardizing profitability and financial stability.

The Business Law Group can represent your interests in any stage of the dispute, from preliminary negotiations, through mediation, arbitration, and settlement, then, if necessary, in civil litigation.

What Happens If I Get Sued?

Many of my business clients have commented that you haven’t really faced the full “business owner” experience until you’ve been sued. Unfortunately, litigation is often a part of any successful business. One wise client described it as, “More Flies, More Cattle.”

However, a number of important deadlines start to run the moment you are served with the lawsuit. Other obligations arise once you are simply made aware of a potential claim. In any event, it is important to retain competent legal counsel immediately, in order to protect your interests, preserve your claims and defenses, ensure compliance with the law, and allow the best opportunity for developing and executing a successful strategy.

If your Business Get Sued, Call the Business Law Group Immediately!

Business Litigation Services

  • Our Business Litigation Experience

    We have practical experience that can help you in the following matters:

    • Filing and defending civil and business lawsuits
    • Enforcing and defending non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements
    • Negotiating, and resolving contract and commercial disputes
    • Challenging unemployment and workers compensation claims
    • Defending and seeking recovery from business torts
    • Disputing and resolving terms and provisions of LLC operating agreements and partnership agreements
    • Handling and corporate governance and shareholder disputes
    • Defending trade secrets against misappropriation
    • Resolving intellectual property disputes and maintaining infringement actions
    • Litigating and settling tax disputes and collection actions
    • Mediating real estate disputes and litigation over real estate purchase agreements
    • Resolving HOA and Owner’s Association disputes
    • Litigating and settling construction contracts disputes and mechanics liens
  • Planning for Success

    The process for starting a lawsuit is relatively easy. But, before the paperwork is filed, it is important to develop a strategy and lay the groundwork that will facilitate the best possible results. At the beginning of any dispute, the Business Law Group can help you assess the important factors in deciding how and whether to assert or defend a claims, such as:

    • Defining the desired outcome
    • Verifying the validity of the claims
    • Analyzing the likelihood of success
    • Understanding your ability to collect on a judgment
    • Determining whether the business relationship needs to be preserved
    • Calculating the total financial, emotional, and business costs of litigating