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Intellectual Property

Protect what you have worked so hard to create

Protect Your Valuable Assets

For many businesses and individuals, your intellectual property (IP) is amongst your most valuable assets. Whether it’s your company’s trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, logos, or domain names, the Business Law Group can help you protect and exploit your intellectual property rights and interests.

What Does an Intellectual Property Lawyer Do?

The Business Law Group can protect the results of your intellectual endeavors. It involves protecting trade secrets, securing and protecting trademarks, logos, and website domains, securing and protecting copyrights, and protecting work for hire.

Trade Secrets and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Trade secrets are a valuable part of your business, and non-disclosure agreements can be a great first tool in protecting those trade secrets. However, an effective trade secret protection plan typically requires more than simply having a nondisclosure agreement in the file. Unfortunately, most businesses only think about trade secret protection the first time they have to enforce or defend a non-disclosure agreement. At that point, it may be too late. Contact an intellectual property attorney with the Business Law Group early to take steps to ensure your trade secrets are adequately protected, and your non-disclosure agreements are effective and enforceable.


Artists and entertainers often make their living through copyrighted works. Whether you are a traditional brush and paint artist, or you work in photography, design, music and sound recordings, or video and film, copyright protection is the key to preserving your revenue sources and property rights. The Business Law Group can also assist you in clearing copyrighted music and video to use in your own productions. As an experienced musician and a professional photographer, videographer, and filmmaker, the founder of the Business Law Group understands the needs of artists to protect the fruit of their labors.

Trademarks, Logos & Domain Names

The look and image of your business is captured in your trademarks, logos, and domain names. Don’t leave them unprotected. The Business Law Group can assist you in filing the necessary applications to register your trademarks and logos and protect this important face of your business. We can also assist in enforcing your protected rights against infringement and dilution.

Work for Hire

Do you own the rights to the materials your employees are developing on your behalf? Unless you have an enforceable work for hire agreement in place, you may discover your employees are able to claim a legal interest in your materials. Don’t place the legal ownership of your work product in jeopardy. Let the Business Law Group protect your ownership interests through an enforceable work for hire agreement.

Intellectual Property Services

  • Trade Secrets & Proprietary Info
    • Drafting and enforcing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
    • Drafting and enforcing non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
    • Implementing an effective trade secret protection program
    • Prosecuting actions of trade secret misappropriation
  • Trademarks, Logos & Domain Names
    • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of trademarks and logos
    • Registering trademarks at the state and federal level
    • Evaluating and prosecuting actions for infringement or dilution of a trademark
    • Maintaining registered trademarks through required filings
  • Work for Hire & Production Contracts
    • Drafting and Enforcing Work-For-Hire Agreements
    • Negotiating and drafting production agreements for music, sound, film, and video productions
    • Negotiating and drafting entertainment contracts for artist performances
  • Copyright Applications
    • Copyright applications for published books, brochures, posters, and marketing materials
    • Copyright applications for photographs and collections of photographs
    • Copyright applications for musical recordings
  • Licensing
    • Negotiating and drafting licensing agreements
    • Clearing copyrights for use in your production