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Molly earned an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science from Casper College in Wyoming (yes, that was a thing once upon a time).  Although she may not be as accomplished as some and has not earned multiple diplomas to cover her office walls, her real-world work experience has provided her with invaluable knowledge that one cannot learn from a book. 

Life Outside the Firm

Molly is married and has two grown sons, one grandson, two dogs, and two cats — all rescues (the animals, not the kids).  She enjoys reading, crocheting, summertime gardening, and trying to beat the games of chance in Cripple Creek.

Molly Smouse

Paralegal, Billing Manager


Molly was first introduced to the legal field in the Superior Court of Orange County, California when she had to appear before His Honor for a speeding ticket she received shortly after having been given the privilege of driving from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Molly’s father was a marine bomber pilot who flew with John Glenn and who, sadly, perished in the Korean War.  John Glenn remained a friend of the family and whenever he was on the West Coast, where Molly grew up, he would treat her family to dinner out where they enjoyed their ‘15 minutes of fame.’  She grew up in Costa Mesa, California and spent her summers beach bumming and body surfing the waves of Newport Beach.  After high school, Molly headed off to Wyoming to pursue higher education in Wyoming.

She was unsuccessful in wrangling a Wyoming rancher, so she returned to Costa Mesa to begin her secretarial career.  Her first real job was working in a bank on the “platform” greeting customers, opening new accounts, performing credit checks for customers seeking loans, answering phones, and acting as a Director of First Impressions.  There were no computers, internet, or cell phones, but there were typewriters, US mail and landlines.

From banking she moved into the world of tax and accounting, supporting the tax partner in a CPA firm for eight tax seasons – no electronic filings – everything done by filling out many IRS tax forms by hand.  Molly possesses a high-quality work ethic and strives for perfection from having worked with a gentleman who was a perfectionist and insisted that his projects be done over and over until they were perfect.  That is where she developed accuracy and a keen eye for attention to detail so she would not have to start a project from scratch and completely do it over. 

From accounting, Molly moved into the legal field where her paralegal career has kept her entertained for many, many years.  Molly has worked in several different areas of law, including probate and estate planning, employment law, real estate, criminal, transactional, and litigation. She had the opportunity over the years to work for three local attorneys (at separate times), two who now sit on the District Court bench and one who sits on the Municipal Court bench; she can’t help but think she had a hand in helping them get there!

Molly is the firm’s billing manager and works out of the Woodland Park office.  She feels very fortunate to have found a position with the Business Law Group in 2016 and plans to be with the firm for as long as it will have her.