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Taylor earned her bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law Studies from Husson University in Maine, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for the legal field.

Life Outside of the Firm:

Outside of the professional realm, Taylor has many passions and is an avid outdoors enthusiast, exploring nearly every active hobby a person could indulge in. From hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing, and yoga to camping, she enjoys any time she can get in the great outdoors.

Taylor Rouillard

Marketing Manager, Corporate Compliance Paralegal


Taylor is a versatile professional with a strong foundation in corporate compliance, marketing, and program development. With six years of experience in the legal industry, she has gained in-depth knowledge of corporate law and compliance, helping businesses adhere to regulatory requirements and ethical standards.

Shortly after graduation from Husson University, Taylor ventured far from her home in Maine to explore the Colorado lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the scenic landscapes of Maine and Colorado, this passion for the outdoors is reflected in her work, where she strives to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to every project.

Before settling into the realm of corporate and business law, Taylor also explored real estate law and trusts and estate law for a few years. While she enjoyed working in primarily paralegal jobs, she thrives in the ability to contribute a unique blend of skills to new challenges. In her role as a Corporate Compliance Paralegal, she has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, which allowed her to explore new opportunities within her career.

Beyond her legal expertise, she brings a creative flair to the table with a passion for marketing. Without any experience in the field, she grasped the concept of marketing quickly and has developed and implemented marketing strategies that enhance brand visibility and engagement. Her ability to blend legal insights with marketing allows her to create campaigns that not only resonate with the target audience but also align with legal considerations.

With her restless personality and enduring need for career growth, she has also become the firm’s part-time website designer. Her approach to website design revolves around the user, prioritizing creating interfaces that are intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually engaging on any device. 

With a strategic mindset for streamlining processes and a knack for creating and implementing effective programs that align with organizational objectives, Taylor has headed up and formally developed various programs, including a Corporate Transparency Program, a new Registered Agent Program, and is working on the development of a more wholly encompassing Corporate Compliance Program. Whether it’s designing programs from scratch or redesigning already established programs, she becomes a resident expert on any project she works on.