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Stacey C. Blink, Esq.


Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate

  • Corporate and Business Administration

  • Asset Purchases

  • Probate and Estate Planning


Stacey C. Blink is an experienced transactional attorney dedicating her law practice to real estate matters and the service of small to midsize business entities.  Stacey has successfully closed thousands of transactions at myriad price points and varied levels of complexity. She has a passion for serving entrepreneurs and helping them to grow ideas into profitable enterprises, whether for traditional business organizations or creative ventures.

In her current practice, Stacey regularly advises businesses at every stage of the corporate life cycle on strategic matters and corporate governance, including:

  • M&A,
  • Family business succession planning,
  • Tax-efficient structuring, and 

She serves many entities as outside counsel ready to advise on any aspect of business operations.  Her extensive real estate practice includes:

  • Residential and commercial development,
  • Agent and brokerage matters,
  • Landlord/tenant matters,
  • First-time investors, including co-ownership and management of investment properties or vacation homes,
  • Boundary and use disputes,
  • Formation and management of common interest associations, condominium and cooperative housing regimes, and
  • Agricultural law.

Stacey diligently attends to ongoing matters and is competent to manage every aspect of a transaction from beginning to end. She enjoys drafting and negotiating contracts, purchase agreements, traditional and alternative financing arrangements, leases, easements, and title documents to achieve a client’s desired outcome. Stacey regularly leads cross-disciplinary teams involving executives, engineers, surveyors, accountants, business coaches, and financial planners to conduct due diligence and ensure all players are diligent in protecting her clients’ interests.  

Sensitive to her clients’ communicated goals, Stacey often guides clients in balancing their economic and legal interests against the practical workability and livability of proposed solutions. Her aim is to promote peace of mind and long-term success for her clients within their individual levels of risk tolerance. She believes the best outcome is one that is easily lived with, rather than one that looks good on paper.

A native Coloradoan, Stacey grew up in rural Douglas County. Now holding a B.S. in Business Administration from Colorado State University, Stacey has a natural aptitude for business operations and management. Following business school, Stacey attended the University of Iowa College of Law, where she graduated with honors. She proceeded to practice at well-regarded boutique firms in Iowa for 12 years, where she gained experience in a broad range of dispute resolution from small claims to appellate litigation before focusing her transactional practice.  

In addition to her legal experience, Stacey has first-hand experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, having previously owned various law firm and commercial real estate entities before joining Business Law Group.

She also possesses valuable and relevant perspective on various government operations, having formerly served as:

  • Vice-Chair of her local planning and zoning commission,
  • Floor Clerk in the State Legislature,
  • Federal Prosecutorial Intern with the United States Attorney’s Office
  • Appointed Probate Court Referee to the Story County District Court, Iowa.  

Drawing on this broad range of past experience helps Stacey to assist clients in identifying issues and assessing transactional risks from sources other lawyers frequently miss.

When not practicing law or spending time with her husband and two children or their extended family, Stacey enjoys camping, biking, cooking, quilting, home renovations, fiction reading, and yelling at the television during Broncos and Hawkeye football games.