Let’s Talk About It

Every matter and every client is different. It’s impossible to answer many of your initial questions, including what’s going to happen, how long it will take, and how much it will cost, without first sitting down to discuss your case, your needs, and your circumstances. For that reason, we generally offer a free 30-minute initial consultation for most practice areas.

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What We Discuss

An initial consultation is a great opportunity for you to evaluate us, and make sure that the Business Law Group is the best firm to handle your matter. It also allows us to better understand and evaluate your legal matter, to see if it is something we can help you with.

We will discuss our firm’s billing policy, as well as the potential expenses and fees for your matter. We may discuss a variety of potential outcomes or possible strategies. We will discuss timeframes, potential deadlines, and what it takes to move forward. We may also discuss the terms of our standard engagement letter, and how you can engage our services.

We cannot provide legal advice during an initial consultation. Occasionally we are able to explain aspects of the law, but we cannot answer your legal questions or provide you with legal advice during a consultation. We may only provide legal advice and service to our clients who have a signed engagement letter and fee advance in place.