What Will This Cost?

“What is your billing rate?” This is often the first question new clients ask. When it’s not the first question, it’s probably the question they really wanted to ask first, but refrained to be polite.

The Law Office of Adam L Weitzel knows that all clients share this concern and Mr. Weitzel works hard to ensure he is providing the best value for your legal needs.


The best value does not necessarily mean the cheapest. In fact, cut-rate services or products may often cost more in the long run. Purchasing forms off the Internet may save you a hundred dollars in the beginning, but could cost significantly more down the road if it leads to litigation or does not ultimately give you the full benefits of the bargain you were after.

The Law Office of Adam L Weitzel has reasonable billing rates based on Mr. Weitzel’s level of expertise and experience. Also, Mr. Weitzel does all he reasonably can to minimize your expenses.

Billing Options

Generally, we bill at a fixed hourly rate. However, as a solo practice, we have the flexibility to consider other fee structures, including:

  • Fixed hourly rate
  • Flat fees
  • Package pricing

Of course, each case is different, and if you are considering a billing option other than a fixed hourly rate, we will need to sit down and discuss the various options and ultimately reach an agreement that, in our opinion, will be fair to both parties.